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14th Aug 2018

Get your numbers right

There are lots of reasons why you might consider putting on an extra beer in your pub. After all, it makes sense to give your customers choice. Not everyone likes...

05th Jul 2018

Sell more beer!

A licensee attending one of the ‘Day of Beer’ training days I was running at Wye Valley Brewery came up to me at lunchtime and said that I had an...

28th Mar 2018

Beer sales drop – So why cask?

The BBPA beer barometer shows that beer sales in the first quarter of 2018 were down nearly 2% and that last year’s rise in duty was a factor. The growth and interest...

06th Jan 2018
Beer - Quality and value

Quality and Value

When it comes to understanding the needs of your customers, it pays to know the relationship between quality and value. Your assumptions about pricing your beer may be wrong. One...

25th Nov 2017
Beer Scoring

Have you been scored?

If a customer tells you that your beer has scored a 2, would you know what that means? Is is good or bad? A lot of switched on licensees have...

25th Nov 2017

Pump Clips – Send the right message

Think about the last time you bought something that gave you pleasure. Steady now! I am thinking about a really nice meal, a fancy pair of shoes, a holiday in...

13th Oct 2017

Pump Clips – Show your face

Would you turn your back to a customer when they are talking to you? What sort of message would that give about you and your pub? It says you are...